Traffics are the first target for any affiliate marketer. In affiliate marketing, our primary process is earning a commission by promoting other companies products or services. Who will buy our promoted product? Yes, the consumer will buy the end product. In affiliate marketing, these consumers are called traffics. In this article, I will talk about The Pillars of Affiliate Marketing that I have struggled most with online to make a combination of them.

There are 3-pillars of affiliate marketing:

Pillar-1: Advertiser

An advertiser can be a company who sells a product (Physical or Digital product) or Services online. Here Physical products can be Cameras, Cosmetics, Mobile phones, etc., and Digital products are Software, Video games, e-books, Lectures, and so many. And services can be Cloud storage, payment getaway, tutorial, etc. They have a selling page to sell their product or services.

Pillar-2: Publisher

Who promotes the advertiser’s product or services in exchange is called the publisher. The publisher earns a commission once his published product or service has been sold—generally a contract between publisher and advertiser. Here advertiser provides a link, ads, or banner to the publisher who will promote the advertiser’s products or services. Then the publisher uses this banner and text ads on his website to promote the advertiser’s products. They publish the ads with the given link; this link is called the publisher’s affiliate link. When any sale occurs under this link, an advertiser can track the publisher ID because of this affiliate link provided by their company. Here this publisher is also known as AFFILIATE MARKETER.

Pillar-3: Consumer/ Clint (Traffic)

The last engaged wing is “the consumer.” The company will get a sell when they make a purchase (through the link) from the publisher’s website. Publishers/marketers call conversion and earn the commission from the advertiser (company).


Affiliate marketing is a popular way for businesses to earn revenue by selling the products and services of other companies. There are three essential pillars to affiliate marketing success: creating a great product, building an effective affiliate program, and promoting your affiliate program. To create a great product, you need to research your audience and focus on solving their problems. To build an effective affiliate program, make sure you set up tracking systems and analysis tools, so you know how many people are clicking through to your site and buying your products.

So, the essential central part of this field is a merger between advertisers, publishers, and consumers. This is the key point of the affiliate marketing process.

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