The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Passive Income Through Revenue Shares

What Mom Never Told You About Passive Income by Revenue Shares? Passive Income by Revenue Shares Can Make You Rich, AND they are the Secret Ingredient.

Before we start learning about this strategy, firstly, we have to know what the revenue share is? Many of us sense that some PTC (Paid To Click) type work allows us to earn a few online incomes. And this kind of work seems to be the revenue share.

I’m telling you the strategy that I’m working on is the kind of revenue share. We all know about affiliate marketing roughly. Affiliate means that a commission is sold by selling any company’s products. If you think of a little bit of it, it will be – some companies appoint the marketers based on the commission. If any marketers can sell the company’s products, they are given the commission to sell each product. The company does not have any salary-related conditions with these marketers. If you can sell, you will get the money; if there is no sale, you will not get any commission. That’s it.

What will be our strategy, and how can we generate income?

Well, let’s go to the main discussion. Revenue Share is a job where your main job is marketing for other’s companies. The companies you are marketing for may have many products. You will get the commission for the clients you gave to those companies if they (your clients) have bought a product from that company. Even you continue receiving commission from the company as long as your client has purchased any product from them.

So what does the matter look like? Interesting, isn’t it?

Yeah, I am very interested in passive income, and since 2020 I have been studying it and have already made up to $3,000 in less than 2 years. You might think 1/2 years in and only $3000!

Yes, I only earn 3000 dollars. And now I earn $ 1-5 per day. The most exciting thing is that- now I do not spend my time even one second here! When I saw that this work is constructive, I told you about it. Every day, my 10/15 people have been adding clients to my partner program. And gradually, my clients and communities are growing. I’ve just been planning to do it for the last 18 months. And now I’ve started working finely.’

How can work be done, and how it be my passive income?

If you search online, you will find many revenue share sites. But most of them are scams. I’ve been able to do this work with “Make Money” Niche and Forex – Binary Sub-Niche. My main plan is to join the Partner Program of Forex and Binary Sites.

You will find many forex and binary programs. I work for a forex company named FBS. Because I have seen many FBS analyses, there is a huge market here and many earning opportunities.

See some of my cash-out reports in the picture above. Yes, it can be real income from here. And for this income, I do not invest a single minute on this site. I had only done some work 1/ 2 years ago and only three or five months ago.

How do you start work?

To work in this broker house, you must first account for their partner program. How to do the account?

First, you have to open your account from this link. Not a trader account; remember the partner account.

The partner program should be provided in the account type; select Partner from the drop-down menu (See the picture below). 

The partner program should be provided in the account type. See the picture below.

Select “partner” and provide all your information and definitely. Create your account. After that, your account’s dashboard will be open. An email verification link will come in your email. Please verify your email by clicking on it; see the image below on your dashboard.

Your dashboard will look like the picture above. See the image in red, colouring the place where you get the partner. You will get the dashboard below and your referral link by clicking on the partner.

You need to promote this link. Now the question is, how do you do marketing? And how can you earn money from here?

In Affiliate marketing, when you sell a product, you get a commission from the company. If not, you cannot get paid. Each time you sell a product, you will get a commission. But think, once you sell a product from a company and you get your commission, next time, when that client buys any product from that company again, without your re-invitation, you will still get your commission! What will you think about this? Very interesting. Yes, this is passive income. That is why I like this system very much. Now you have energy and can work night after night, but you may lose your working power after some years. But if you built a passive income, you will continuously get the commission as you make an asset. You can make a lifetime income! 

For better results, you need to promote your link continuously for a year or two, and after a certain period, you will see you have 5 to 10 thousand clients. How? Say, if you get 10 clients a day, it comes to 10X30=300 clients a month and in a year, 300X12=3600 clients! I know you are thinking about how it is possible to manage 10 clients a day! I also felt like you (LOL). Anyway, I will show you how. Just only some simple steps to follow. It would be best if you managed only 15 minutes + simply run a paid ad to FB or any other social network with only $1 a day. That’s it!

So, now let’s come to the calculation-

Some of you may think- “Oh! 2 years I will work here, and if there will be no income!”  Dear, I only say those who have a long destination, only they should stay otherwise if you think you need a quick income, then you may quit. As earning disclaimer, here I am not giving you the income guarantee, but it is proven and tested that one can generate income from here. I am applying this method, and I succeeded. See my current live account withdrawal screen short (given above for your reference).

2 years you will work for only 15min a day, I think for a long time business this 15min should not be an issue. And only $1 per day is also not a big issue. You can build up your lazy money working only 15min and $1.

From these 7200 clients, how many clients may trade or work actively here? What will be your answer? If we say only 1%, you will get 72 active traders. Though our target is for 2 years, honestly speaking, you do not wait for two years. Just continue for 6 months; I hope you will withdraw your 1st payment. But unfortunately, if not, please do not rebuke me because I am not giving you an income guarantee, but I know from here you can make money. For example, 3 months ago, I shared this plan with one of my students, and he applied it; still, he has already withdrawn $250 from this market! It was a live case study. Maybe I will introduce him to you in the future, and he may share his experience and how he worked.

Anyway, 72 active members, we get in the 2 years. These 72 traders, what will they do? They will trade every day here. Yes, Every day! This is like a share market. This is not a physical product; this is not the trading site for selling shoes, cameras… or any physical product. The traders come here only for trading and to get profit. They come to invest and withdraw money. So, indeed investment will be made here by the traders. If you know about Forex and binary trade, you may know that the traders are investing at least $5/day, 72membersX$5=$360/day! [For your information, the FBS partner program has three-level partnership commissions. The first step is 100%, 2nd step is 15%, and 3rd step is 5% commission.]

But for calculation, if we assumed the traders trade only $2/day, it will come 72X2= $144. So, your traders will trade for $144/day. You will get a commission minimum of 30-40 dollars per day. But we are calculating 3rd level commission only 5% for an example. Then the commission will be $144×5%=$7.2, so $7.2 per day commission! Ok, only $7/day. So, $7X30=$210 will be your monthly income. For this income, you do not need to work a single minute after a certain period.

If you are the action taker who can invest $1/day if you love passive income- this plan is for you. This plan is not for you if you think you are not. You may quit.

 I always say, “Dream Big, Set Goal, Take Action & Never Jump”.

Ok, now let’s start, and below I short out a summary of this plan for you.

Summary of the plan:

15min time + simple paid ad only $1/day

Daly clients 10

Monthly clients 300

Yearly clients 3600

2 years clients 7200

Say we will get only 1%, that means only 72 active traders

Every day they will trade $144

We will earn $7/day

We will reach $210/month at least! (Proven)

⊕Yes, you can generate passive income from this world’s trusted site.

How to withdraw money from your account?

You need to have any of the below payment Gateways-

If you do not have an account with any of them, you can sign up by clicking the below link-

Or, if you have VISA or MasterCard, you can withdraw your earned money. Wire-Transfer is also acceptable here.

Our article has become much more significant, so I will post later on how you will promote your ad to FB; if you know how to promote an ad to FB, you can start now and generate passive income from here. If you directly promote your link to FB-Page, please do not shorten your referral link with or any link-shortener. You may promote your ad by blogging on YouTube videos.

If you decide to start working for your passive income to make your future asset, I suggest you start working currently!

Dream Big, Set Goal, Take Action & Never Jump!


(Remember the partner account, Not a trader account.)

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