How to earn money online? – Step-by-step guideline!!


We all heard that earning online is possible in this information-technology age. But yes, 90% of people do not know how to income from Internet. And 9% of the people who know are unclear about the issue.

Many are successful, and many are thinking about how? Many others with the greed of earning more have even been caught tens of thousands of money! But did you ever know the reality? What it is, what should it be, what should be done and how?

Firstly for all, let’s say, “Freelancing or online income is completely real and legal income. It is possible to be a millionaire, but it is not a secret spell as it is a millionaire in a month’. Apart from our real life, it can be done by investing in the business and there is also a scheme to earn income through any type of investment. This is not for those who want to earn without hard work or want to be rich in a short time. If you do not have the hard work and learning ability, you can stop reading this post here. And if you think that you will earn through hard work, then be reading.

Since the world is becoming internet-based daily, its future is very far-reaching. To do this, you do not have to be a superhuman or a man of great talent; many ordinary children are making good money from the internet with the proper guideline.

In this post, I will give some good ideas. And from here, you will get a better idea of what online income is. If you can read attentively from the beginning to the end, I do not have to ask anyone else – “How to earn from online / internet?”

Some blurred issues -related to the Income From Internet you must be clear about:

Make It Clear

The first thing to say about online income is the PTC site. Many of those who started online think that money is coming online through only PTC. PTC means pay-to-click; you have to click some links and visit the link for 10-20 seconds, and you will be given money for it.

From this PTC, people have got the idea that money can be earned online by clicking on the link. Those who do professional work do not do this kind of work. And this is not an excellent job for your online future.

Online business is another thing.

You have to be clear about the following things beforehand:

That means before you work on the internet, you must decide whether to be employed or do business.

For jobs, you need to learn work and acquire skill in it. For business, you need investment and courage to take the risk.

So decide, what do you want to do? Job – or – business?

Let’s talk about something on the job:

You do not have to be institutionally certified to work on the internet, or you do not have to be superhuman. There are so many things available on various topics (such as marketing, web design, SEO, graphics design, software creation, etc.) If you can be skilled at learning about a particular topic, then you can work without any investment.

Follow These Steps

But for that, you have to follow the following steps:

This is just like our real life. You can also work on the internet if you learn to work, just like in real life. The difference is that here you are free. Do your work if you want, and do not mind if you do not want to. If you work, the money will come; otherwise, it will not.

So, it is understood that if you want to earn from the internet, you must learn to work on a topic first.

Follow the steps below to learn the job:

Take 2-3 months to the extreme levels of learning and practice many things after learning the job well.

Yes, many people are eagerly interested in learning which topics you need to learn in particular.

Work that is generally available on the internet:-

A list of some of the most commonly done tasks listed above can be found online. Many types of work are available outside of them, but these are the most common.

What should you learn first?

In most cases, when you ask someone to expertize, he will give you a web design, graphic design, or something he likes.

But tell me, you will work and earn money, so why would you listen to someone else without knowing?

My opinion is-

First, you learn about the different works, understand and find in which there is more to earn goes with you.

Generally, the jobs that are hard to learn to provide much higher earnings, and the competition is less; on the other hand, the tasks that are easy to learn, provide relatively more minor, and the competition is more.

* For example, application or software development is one of the most expensive works on the internet. Now that there is more money, you will be quick to decide if you will learn application development but not at all. Because, as well as the money, you will have to see how long you will take to learn it and how much time you have even if it goes with your situation.

You have to understand if you have an interest or interest in your work, which one you think is easy, which makes you feel better. Do not over-emphasize the likes of others over your good. Always remember, if you do not enjoy your work, then you will never be able to move forward with that work. For this, before starting work, at least 15-30 days of learning, work on different topics, know about them, understand them and then finally go towards the ones you deserve and feel that you are interested in yourself. Remember, you will take only suggestions from experts, then decide in your mind. Only then is success possible.

Well, then, from where I will know about the different works?

If there is a will, there must be a way. Taking time to search is only needed. By using Google, we can get detailed information about various online activities. There are also multiple blogs where we can quickly bring ideas.

For example – what to do if you want to know about Web Design work? First search – “What is Web Design.” Read some information about this form there. After this, you can search “How much time does it take to learn web design for beginners” and read something about this. You can search again later – “What I need to know web design” or “work opportunity for a web designer.” Search Google for each topic and read from the various sites or blogs available. Knowing primary issues will do here.

N.B.: If you do not have enough patience and will to study, you cannot do anything on this line.

What kind of work will you pay for your future online?

The decision to earn from the internet is for your whole life. So the right decision is needed indeed. Because if you make a wrong decision at the beginning, you will not be able to go far further and suffer from frustration. Nothing is possible if you cannot make the right decision and learn the work by doing research for at least a month. If the feature talks about what comes first, it is freelancing. Freelancing is a perfect profession where you can work independently. Many people worldwide sense that all the people who work on the internet are freelancing. But, it’s a wholly different matter.


Freelancing is a profession where you have to have good skills in a subject. You will have to freelance a markup plate account, and there will be a lot of work available for you to bid for the job; if the client gives you the job, then you can do that work, and in exchange, your client will pay you.

You can do this work sitting at your own home. If you have good skills, you will not miss the job. You can earn good money.


You can earn money by working online to sell your own or any other company’s products or services. Here you will be able to invest a lot of talent and money. It’s an entirely independent business. You will have to know much about your work and income here and a lot more.

Many of you have heard about affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, etc. These are actually after marketing. It’s not called freelancing. You can earn a lot of money by doing marketing online.

What is CPA marketing?

CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing that allows you to sell a product and earn small jobs, such as email submissions, zip code submissions, downloads, etc. That is why it is called Cost Per Action, which means you get a commission if any action is complete. You all know that promoting Amazon or’s products can earn money through revenue shares. But CPA  Marketing is much easier than that, and work is much less.

The CPA means Cost Per, which means that if any action is done through you, then the company will give you the payment based on that action. Now this action is called the offer. How are these offers?

(I will discuss this in the next CPA & Affiliate Marketing post. So, keep in touch with me. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and Facebook page to get the regular post and submit your email for the update.)

Publisher Business:

Many people have heard of Adsense. Maybe Yes, Google AdSense You can earn through Google or YouTube. You must have a website or a YouTube channel and publish good quality content here.

You can work as a Google partner. And Google will see some advertisements within your content. Google will place some advertisements in front of people who visit your website or YouTube videos, and Google will give you money for showing this ad. This is called a publisher business, and you can earn good money here.

Print On Demand:

If you are an outstanding designer, a new business system has been introduced in the world, called a print on demand. Here the system is designed for a t-shirt or something else. And you have to do the marketing of the T-shirt designed by you. If someone orders the t-shirts, then some companies will be able to get T-shirts printed and T-shirts for you. You do not have to make any extra payment for this.

They will give you your t-shirt, print the design, and they will reach your customer. Many such people have probably heard Teespring’s name. This is an example site of another demand for print.

Tips: Do not select many things simultaneously; first, select a specific topic and learn how to work efficiently on it. To learn an issue here, you may need to know another; in this case, you have to decide and see how your time is and how much time you spend on it; it may take a while to complete it. This is your first step to complete.

I’m not writing anymore today-

Hopefully, almost everyone can take excellent ideas about different things, and you can choose a subject you like, where you will be skilled. There are many more sources here. I’m not writing anymore. Find some more resources in the next post. Please do not forget to share the post if you like and certainly pay your valuable comments.

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