A Contact Form is a set of questions filled out on the webpage by your visitor that is automatically sent to your email when filled out.

If you visit several websites around the internet, most will likely have a contact form. Below is a basic example of a contact form on a website.

contact us image

The above picture is only a basic contact form idea. We can make many forms, question forms, query forms and many other forms that can be used for anything you can think of.

You can use these plugins on your word press for many reasons, such as-

If those who do not know HTML/CSS, the word press is a fantastic CMS for them. SMS means Content Management System.

So, we can build a website using Word Press, and there are so many free plugins in word press that can easily help your desired website. To make our work easy, these plugins are created by developers. Using these plugins, we can make our website very functional and easy.

Contact form plugins can be used to communicate between visitors and website owners. You may know that the most popular contact form plugin in the world is Contact Form 7. More than 1-million+ website owners are currently using this plugin to manage communications with visitors. Not only for contact form making, also you can create so many important forms using the Contact Form 7 plugins to your website. You can create your desired layout and give them your dream design.

The principal idea of Contact Form 7 is- when a visitor visits your website, and if he wants or needs to communicate with you, he can easily contact you using this form. If they have any queries, he can write to you in the message box you created using contact form 7, and when he just hits the send button, he can see a message ” your message has been sent”. Then visitor’s query comes to you by email, and you can communicate with your visitors/customers. So, this is a wow feature.

You will receive an email from that visit, and you can take action and answer him; then, your visitors will start loving your website.

How To Install & Active Contact Form 7 :

Here I will show you how you can install Contact Form 7 to your word press website and how we can activate it. So, Let’s Go …

First of all, go to your word press admin panel on the left side, you will see here a plugins option; click on Add New à here search Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 Dashboard-2
###pic## Contact form 7 (Dashboard)-2

So see, here have lots of plugins. This plugin installed more than 1-million+ website owners using it for their website contact form, and see the star ratings!

Now we need to install by just clicking on Install Now button; once installed, you will see a button called “Active”. Click on the Active button.

Ok, so we have already successfully installed the Contact Form 7 in our word-press.

Contact form 7 (Install & Active)-3
Contact form 7 (Install & Active)-3

After activating the plugins, on the left side, see a new menu called Contact << >>. Now go to the Menu and create a contact formà; just click on Add New.

Contact form 7 (Add a new contact form)-4
Contact form 7 (Add a new contact form)-4.jpg

Then àgive a Name ( I am giving the name – Contact Us) à and click to Save button.

Contact form 7 (Name your contact form & save)-5
Contact form 7 (Name your contact form & save)-5

Ok- so we already created a contact form and saw a SHORT-CODE here. We need to use this code on our contact page, so copy the code and go to your page section à create a New Page à give this new page a name ( I am sharing the page name- Contact Us). à Here in the body section, just paste the code we copied before and hit the Publish button.

Contact form 7 (Add a new page)-6
Contact form 7 (Add a new page)-6

So now, let’s visit that page and see what it looks like. See here a Contact form we just created using this Contact Form 7 plugins. So now, anyone can contact you using that contact form.

contact form view
(contact form page view)-7

We are almost done; now, we will set up an email address where we want to see visitors’ emails. So come back to your contact form to make some edits to the email section. à click to edit on contact us form à click on Mail tab à setup/ enter your email address here à just hit the Save button.

Contact form 7 (email setup to Mail section)-8
Contact form 7 (email setup to Mail section)-8

Congratulations! Your basic contact form is ready now.

Now, Let’s see if our Contact Form is actually working. For checking/testing the procedure, we can follow the below step-

àGo to your Contact Us Page à suppose you are a visitor, so fill up the Contact us form by providing your name in the Name field, any email address to the email field, write a subject to the subject field, And type a test msg into the message box à then hit the Send button. || Now, you will see a message: “Thank you for your message. It has been sent”.

Now go to your email inbox (which email address you already set up to your contact form Email Tab before); you are the website owner here. Check your email; you can see an email appear that you sent using the Contact us form; please note- if you do not see any email in your inbox, then please check your junk email. I hope you will see that email.

So you see, our contact form is working well!

I hope you already understand how to set up Contact Form 7 on your WP site and how that contact form work.

This article with the basic lesson for the contact form 7. We will discuss more and advance usage of contact form 7 in future. We will discuss how to add more fields to the form, design the structure, create a two-column form, create an admission form, and create a Bio-data collection form. I hope you can make easily any form after having these lessons.

Thank you.

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