“Your Business Identity Is Your Domain & Cabin Is Your Hosting.”

When setting up your first website, it is a common confusion between Domain name registration and Web Hosting. A Domain name is like the address of your home; on the other hand, Web hosting is the space of your house where you place your furniture. We can also say, a domain name is the name of your site or URL (www.WebCorpo.com) and can be purchased by going to a domain name registered. A hosting company can host this.

If you want to do business online, you need your own unique identity in the internet ocean. Want a self-contained house cabin. Maybe poetically speaking, but we are talking about some technical issues. Your identity is the DOMAIN name of your business, and the cabin is your website HOSTING. It is wrong to think that only new entrepreneurs have to face a problem when choosing the right domain name. Both new and experienced entrepreneurs face difficulties in choosing the right domain name. There are so many instances- business people decide to create their own website after the business starts going well.

The reasons for this can be:

You may have a brand name, and you want to use that name as the domain name. The intellect is not imperfect, but here are some things you might not have thought about- Are there any specific strategies for running the business successfully? Online traffic and offline traffic are totally different.

Let’s hear the story of “US Paint Service”. After starting a business in the family name, the owner of “US Paint Service” decides to open an online store after reaching a profitable position. But after changing the name “US Paint Service”, his profit increased to 2400%. The company came up very much with changing the name of the search engine rankings. Think, if I want to buy colour online, will I not search by using the Paint Service, I will write a name you own?

How to choose a good Domain Name:

For a long-term strategic investment by choosing your domain name wisely. There should be no mistake in this place. If you have a successful offline business, you can also launch it online.

To choose a good Domain name & best web host, please read “how to choose a good domain name?” and “How to choose the best web host for a domain?”


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