Suppose you are a beginner in online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliate marketing. In that case, you must read this step-by-step affiliate marketing guideline.

Have you ever thought you could earn money online using the internet? Have you ever thought you could do it by referring people to buying any product from Amazon, eBay, or a similar online shop? Yes, It is possible, You can also sell digital products, and when this deal happens under referred by you, you can earn money. Making money in this way is called Affiliate Marketing.

Do you want to make money online from home? Dreaming of no more rush hours, no more bosses? Maybe you’re looking for extra or a main income far higher than your salary. Whichever it is, it’s achievable if you are prepared to put a little work in.

If you are a beginner in online digital marketing and want to make money with affiliation, then stay with us for step-by-step affiliate marketing guidelines. Also, many other digital marketing tips and tricks will help build you a strong digital marketer. This guide will help to know A to Z and where to begin. No matter if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and don’t have the technical knowledge. Still, this guide will be helpful for your affiliate journey.

Overview Of The Topics Of Discussions: 

What is Affiliate Marketing & how does it work?

How does affiliate marketing work

At the very beginning, you must know what affiliate marketing is and how does it work?

Let’s have an easy example, one of your friends is going to London and asking you for a hotel address for rent. By the way, you know a good hotel, and you refer him. He searches the hotel and books for his place. Think, who will be benefited from here? Only the hotel owner, isn’t it? But there was a chance to be benefited yourself. But how? If you have a partner or affiliate link of that hotel, then you can say to your friend- “I know a hotel is excellent accommodation and with a good environment where you can book your place while visiting London. You can search on the internet in this link ( your affiliate link) and choose the perfect room you need; I hope you like this”. Then when your friend searches the internet by your given link and books a room at that hotel, you will be benefited! – This way, you can get your commission from the hotel automatically. Actually, this is Affiliate Marketing. Recommending product or service to other people and get your commission!

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Earn money from home, home jobs, and Make money online…. Many keywords we see on the internet. We can earn money in different ways using the internet. Some people stay with freelancing or CPA marketing; some like Affiliate marketing or Online-Surveys; some do Market Trading, Online trading like Forex trade, some are selling the digital product; and some are making a blog for the guest post, Pay-per-click advertising (Google AdSense). You can also earn money became a Clickworker, software developer, and Article writer. Also, data entry jobs will be the effortless way; those are needs more time but less money! Also, you can earn money with Gigs on Fiverr. Also, one can make money by Reviewing music. – But as per my experience, Affiliate Marketing is the best way of earning opportunity for people looking to work from home using the internet, who wants to make lots on passive income. I strongly recommend Affiliate marketing to those who want a handsome passive income online. The best part of Affiliate marketing is here; you can do everything from home and can sell their services or products from any country. There is no boundary to being an affiliate marketer.

Most newbie has common confusion about some online earning methods. Sometimes they think freelancing, outsourcing, and CPA/Affiliate marketing are the same. But they are all different methods of online income process. So, before we start, we need a clear picture of Freelancing, Outsourcing, and CPA/Affiliate Marketing. Know What Freelancing & What is Outsourcing.

Okay, now we have a clear idea about freelancing, outsourcing, and affiliate marketing. We understood from the above discussions that affiliate marketing is a different process for earning money online. While you work for the buyer, they will pay you, and this is freelancing. And to make someone do your work in exchange for money is outsourcing. But on the other hand, when you refer someone to purchase any product or service and when that people buy the product from your referral link, you will be getting paid from your partner company, even you sleep! –that is, affiliate marketing. That is why I strongly recommend that if you dream of earning money without so much pressure like freelancing, affiliate marketing is the best online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.

The Pillars of Affiliate Marketing:

We can say there are three pillars of Affiliate Marketing stand on. They are ¹Advertiser, ²Publisher, and ³Consumer.

Traffics are the first target for any affiliate marketer. In affiliate marketing, our primary process of earning commissions is by promoting other companies’ products or services. Who will buy our promoted product? Yes, the consumer will buy the end product. In affiliate marketing, these consumers are called traffics. Learn more about the pillars of affiliate marketing.

The Way to Start Work:

Mind setup

If you are a beginner in this field of affiliate marketing, you must follow the step for succeeding-

Before you start, you need to set your mind. So, the first step is Mind-Set. Then you need to set up your website, FB-page, sign-up for an affiliate Marketplace, and select Niche – this is system setup. Finally, go to Action!

What Will Be The Guaranteed Time For Start Earning?

guaranteed time line

Many are asking how much we can generate income from Affiliate marketing, how long it will take, how we can set our minds, and how we can I lock our target?

A Survey Report over 100-Students: We have a survey report of over 100 students who have started affiliate marketing in the last 6 months. Below is the report’s summary-

What is Mind-Set, and Why has it become essential?

Fixing your goal yourself is Mind-Set. These are your most basic qualities. Fix them with your intelligence and talents and develop them to achieve your targeted goal.

I hope you are already cleared about the timing for earning, and as you plan to start affiliate marketing, firstly, you need to set your mind to staying with affiliate marketing; otherwise, you will never succeed…………. And this is true! For this reason, the mindset has become essential in this field even though this is the 1st step to success in any other field.

What is Target-Locking?

If I start discussing target locking, I need to write a minimum 1500 words article. As our article is on affiliate marketing; So I don’t want to write more; I will only write the key point on it…

Say you plan to promote Digital Camera and start affiliate marketing on it, but after some days, you change your mind to Golf ball, iPhone, health product, etc.,- You will never succeed. Take your time before you start promoting other’s products for sale, then select a product and lock your target on it – this is called Target-Locking. If you can genuinely be locked your target and stay with this, then success will knock on your door, just for the time being.

How To Find Niche & Right Product?

How To Find Niche

In affiliate marketing, you can promote any product or service. Before we learn what kind of offer we need to find, firstly, we have to know who to see in the right Niche. Because most newbies jump from one to another constantly, they will not succeed at the end of the day. So, there is no point in skipping this one without assigning a specific Niche.

What do we understand of Niche? We know that there is a category for online or affiliate marketing. Simply put, I mean, that’s the thing you’re trying to work on. It may be the product of human health and fitness-related can be Diets & Weight Loss. I am talking about the original subject category you want to work on. If you see the picture below, you can guess what the Niche is?

Categories List Amazon

I hope you understand; this is an affiliate marketplace’s picture where the categories list is given on the left side, and some products are on the right side of this marketplace. Now let’s find out a product. Forget the idea of finding-“who buy it?”. What do you have to do now? Think, we are sitting in front of profitable products and offers, and you are finding your right product coolly. Do not jump. Then you will see that you are successful. It may be difficult to understand, but no problem; hopefully, we know everything.

How To Choose A Suitable Niche?

The first step of the affiliate journey is selecting a suitable Niche. It would be best if you decided on which Niche you are going to do affiliation. Most newbies spend lots of time only on niche selection but don’t understand which category will be the best for starting the journey to make money.

So, here I am going to share how you can select a niche, and you may follow the same procedure.

I have tried to explain how to find suitable goals through the above discussions. Now I will discuss how to find the most profitable Niche from here.

How To Know Whether The Niche Is Profitable?

In the next step, we need to ensure enough products are available in our selected Niche because we will only choose those niches that are selling well in the market.

It may seem like a lot of trouble, but after reading the rest, I hope you will be cleared.

When you see many marketers in any Niche, and many are spending money on the advertisement, you may get the right and profitable product for proceeding. For complete assurance, you must know the evidence that-  are the consumer/buyer purchasing the product regularly?

How can this evidence be found?

You can find products related to your Niche by using Write down your Niche in the enter the search term and click the search button for detail, and you will see a variety of products in your selected Niche. (I will talk about more information in my next post).

You can find it on Amazon/Click bank, marketplace, Google search, or Niche publications. Also, you may find it in the media.

Say I planned to promote/sell “Golf Ball,” search it to Click Bank marketplace, below result is showing. See, many results are showing. Even here, we see many results showing in this subject or product. This is a good sign because many markets never enter the same market unless they are profitable. If you want, you may search in another marketplace like Amazon. If you see many products appear, you can understand those are popular products.

We also can search for my product in Google Search with my selected keyword. Do you see many results in the search result? If you see many products are commercially for selling, you may understand this product is profitable for you. Look at Google search; if there is some result with sponsored Ads, that’s a good sign.

Also, look at newspapers, magazines, radio, or television. Do you see any programs or publications related to your favorite Niche? Or do you have any Ads related to your Niche in publications? It is a good sign if you have it, and there are many buyers.

Finally, follow the steps above to find the best of your choice. Reduce your favorite list to those with many vendors and buyers. Then choose the most favorable option from the most profitable 2 to 3 list.

What Do We Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?

Getting to start your marketing, you need to incorporate your business. Then you will feel like an actual business owner, which ultimately helps your bottom line. Never try to spam or cheat. Here I note down below essential things for getting started-

You need-

  1. You need a website ( own website) [ Suggested articles- How to choose a good Domain & How to choose a hosting for your domain.
  2. Get an EIN (or a tax number specific to your country)
  3. Create a Spreadsheet to Track earnings, Expenses, etc.
  4. Payment Getaway ( PayPal/ Master Card)
  5. Create your first Affiliate Promo strategy
  6. Marketplace Account ( Like JVZoo, Click Bank, Amazon, etc.)
  7. YouTube Channel (own YouTube Channel)
  8. Face-Book Account and FB-Page
  9. English Speaking Skill
  10. Make a Sales Funnel
  11. Auto Responder


In the conclusion of this article, I have suggested – You should set up your mind about what you want to be. Then you have to study more about the subject you finally planned. Next step, you need to struggle with system setup (website/TAX number/Payment getaway/Account to Marketplaces, etc.). Finally, take Action!

No matter if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and don’t have the technical knowledge. Only you need to have more power of faith & believe in yourself than you could. Have more patients at the beginning stage. Start Your Affiliate Journey Today & Never give up.

DREAM BIG, SET A GOAL, AND TAKE ACTION! Success will come true!

Remember, Affiliate Marketing Could Be The Best Way To Make Money From Home.

NB.: This Affiliate Marketing Guideline is only who is beginners. This is not designed for Pro.

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